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Agriculture Development Services

To engage, empower and transform our communities to participate in sustainable agricultural and environmental practices in order to realize economic development and food security in the Province.

Strategic Goal
Rural development, agrarian reform and social and economic infrastructure development.

Strategic Objectives
  • Provide technical support, extension, specialist advisory services and progressive training and mentorship to households and farmers.
  • Provide and develop support systems and infrastructure for sustainable land use, agricultural development and comprehensive rural development
  • Prevention, control and/or eradication of animal diseases
  • Creating and facilitating improved access to a stable and diversified food supply for improved nutritional wellbeing and improvement in household income
  • Undertake appropriate adaptive agricultural research, technology development and transfer to advance agriculture

Strategic Goal
Creation of decent work opportunities and ensuring economic growth and infrastructure development
Strategic Objectives
  • Creation of access to local and international markets for local agricultural products
  • Develop commercial farming entrepreneurs and agri-business
  • Enhance linkages with international entities, partners, stakeholders and between spheres of government