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Dr. Meshack Radebe

Acting H.O.D. 
Ms Y.E. Bacus

Cedara College of Agriculture - 90th Graduation Ceremony

Management of Cedara College, parents, and Departmental entities were present to celebrate with the graduates on this special day
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Owen Sitole College of Agriculture Graduation

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Toxic Plant threatens Farms and Health

One of the world’s worst invader weeds is spreading across KwaZulu-Natal and the eastern parts of the country, threatening to overrun the crops of subsistence farmers, choke game reserves and possibly cause serious skin allergies and other health problems for people.

Amavulandlela Scouts Convention

Scout groups from schools throughout the province converged in Mpumalanga, Hammarsdale for the convention.  They had boasted an array of innovations made from natural substances which were constructed by themselves, for survival in the bush
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